How Feminine Care Prodcuts Harm Fertility

Perhaps you have heard of Chem Fatale, the review released by the organisation Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) in November 2013. This pivotal piece of evidence shows how the most basic feminine care products (that we think are OK), such as tampons and pads, are consistently contaminated with toxic chemicals, like carcinogenic and hormone disrupting dioxins, pesticide residues and furans.  

The question is: What are these nasties doing in the products that are in touch with our most private parts for hours??

But it doesn’t end there.

Other types of products, like feminine wipes, anti-itch creams, deodorants and feminine washes ASLO contain a variety of unregulated ingredients and unknown fragrance chemicals, which can be potentially very dangerous.

One specific company went as far as adding spermicide in their products too! Thanks Summer´s Eve….

(You can find more details about chemicals found in specific feminine care products below)

And of course, we shouldn’t forget that the vast majority of tampons and pads are now made of cheap genetically modified (GM) cotton, which partially explains the presence of pesticides and toxic chemicals found in the end product (these crops are genetically designed to survive the MASSIVE amounts of pesticides sprayed on them All. The. Time.)

Could this toxic load from feminine care products affect fertility?

In a nutshell: It probably does.

Because most of these chemicals mess our hormones (aka hormone disruptors) and fertility is all about hormones. Not only progesterone/ estrogen balance regulates our cycle and ovulation, but hormones play an important role in egg (and sperm) quality too. So, the more we are exposed to fertility toxins, the more our fertility is affected in many levels.

Remember that not all women will be sensitive to these chemicals. After all, ALL women use pads and/or tampons for several decades of their lives, but not all of them have fertility problems.

But some women ARE more sensitive to chemicals and there can be a variety of reasons for this, like sluggish detoxification system, overwhelming amounts of accumulated toxins, nutrient deficiencies, pre-existing medical issues and the list goes on.

If you are struggling with recurrent miscarriages or getting pregnant, then paying attention to the fertility toxins that enter (and stay in) your body should be your primary focus. And thanks to Chem Fatal, we know that feminine care products can be a significant source of this toxic load.

In order to do this the right way, you need:

  1. a) to help your body flush out toxins that are already accumulated in it, and
  2. b) use products that don’t reintroduce chemicals in your system.

It makes sense, right? What´s the point of removing toxins from your body one day and then adding them back the next one? Detox of your body and lifestyle HAVE to go together.