You are meant to be a mom…

Its true

But, you keep experiencing recurrent failures, disappointment and a heck lot of frustration! As ovulation cycles pass you by, the promise of a rainbow baby is fading away and you wonder whether this is going to work out at all…

When you ask your doctor why this is happening, you get the same rushed feeling and leave wanting more answers.

You feel empty and sometimes they tell you are responsible for “waiting too long to have a baby”. Is it your fault then?

Has your body betrayed you?

Time flies and you need responsible answers and, most importantly, you need realistic solutions!

How long will you have to wait and hope for a baby?

How much time do you really have?

What can YOU do to speed things up?


We are led to believe that successful conception and pregnancy depend solely on a 1-step process: sperm and eggs meeting successfully, in the tube (IVF) or the cervix (IUI or naturally). But for many women this is not enough for having a baby.

In fact, there are SO many factors that sabotage conception and early pregnancy, which are can’t (or meant to) be addressed in the medical context.

For example, lack of critical fertility nutrients, which are necessary for premium egg quality and hormone balance, is an extremely common and largely unaddressed issue. This could reduce your chances for a successful pregnancy up to 40% (yes, 40%!!)

This is why too many women miss countless opportunities to have a baby, just because they don’t have access to the right tools and information.

But we can change that.

The truth is that you can’t ignore poor egg (or sperm) quality, unhealthy diet (aka infertility diet) or having your body overwhelmed with toxins that harm hormones and embryos.

That’s a FACT.